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We provide customized solutions based on the needs of our clients. Our team of experts work with potential clients patiently, analyzing the various layers of needs and from the source elements develop a customize solution with which our clients resolve the major aspects of their needs. However, the major areas of our service coverage covers but is not limited to:

- Film Productions: We provide full film production support, we undertake Film project     from script analysis, storyboarding, film pre-production analysis, location shooting and all   post production.  
- Event Video Coverage and Post Productions: We provide full event video     coverage and still photography (when requested) for social, religious and any events.   We use the best audio-visual equipment to provide full coverage and high definition   picture rendering when requested.
- Full Media Consultancy: We conduct a one-one for your media needs, ranging from     media set-up for video productions, audio-visual needs, church media services, school   media requirements, governmental organization, movies centers, hospitals, corporate   organization - logo concepts, promos, commercials and many more; We provide s   sufficient time to analyse your unique need and we provide solutions base on the   finalized need to obtain the needed solution.
- Marketing and Distribution: We specialise in getting a customized  distribution   solution for your media and films products. We deliver your products with the best   channel in the country and beyond. We analyse and give your a projection of profit   returns based on the marketing or dictribution package you choose. For more   information, give us a call.
- Branding & Logos: We help clients identify and create recognizable, trusted and consistent image of your product and company such that in no time an impression is registered in the mind of the customers. We provide video promos, ads and jingle neccesary to market the services and products they produce. 
- Business Structure & Startup: We advice and help new small business, structure and set up  their business from scratch. We define business plans, help with micro loans, shape appropriate legal structure, define proper book-keeping techniques and set-up office automation. We consult with large corporations to re-define and optimize business processes, automate daily routines to maximize profit and cut cost to the barest minimum.  
- Management Consulting: Our team of Management experts with years of experience work with every clients to define and restructure, if neccesary, not just the the management framework but the variables that strains the the profit margin of the firm. We gradually and patiently work with our client to run a parrallel migration to an hybrid system, that  will optimize the profit and as well increase significantly customer satisfaction ratings.
- Infrastructure Design & Admin: We help design IT infrastructure with market trend systems such to ensure seamless management and flow of critical information such as customer records, administrative information, financial data, secured transactions, e-commerce modules, training - inhouse and on the job, electronic reference manuals, safety data, legal provisions and many more.
- Training & Development: We passionately believe that any firm that will maintain a competitive edge must keep abreast of recent development and have a viable R&D unit. We help keep the firm up to date so management can focus on the daily operations of their business. We update, train and ensure integration of new patches of development as they become available.
- Personal Income Tax Return Services: We provide professional tax return services   for individuals, families and teens. We file form 1040 both electronically and   manually. We provide counsel to our client to maximise feasible deductions and   enhance their refunds.
- Business Income Tax Return Services: Our small business clients enjoy the timeliness and   professinalism with which we handle every clients. We handle all legal structure, from sole   proprietorship to large corporations. We'll help you make your taxes very easy.
- Payroll Management Services: We can set up  a payroll system that enables you to   implement you payroll deduction and cut checks to employee or do it for you. Either way we   help you through the rigour of the biweekly payroll tax deposits and deduction. - Franchise Tax and Sales Tax Services: We can file your state franchise tax yearly and   ensure the effective and timely delivery your sales tax, where and when applicable.
- Electronic Tax Management & Deposit Services : We are approved by the IRS to   provide electronic deduction and submission.
- Expert Tax and Payroll Analysis Services:  Even if your tax has been prepared before, we can   revisit them and necessary adjustment and probably file amendments.
- Tax Solutions for Not for Profit Organizations : We provide customize solutions to non-for profit organization to obtain tax exemption and 501c class designations and also provide backup support for the needed book keeping requirements to ensure compliance with IRS regulations around non-for profit. organization. 
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