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SageAlive is a consortium of five service lines integrated by similar culture and philosophy of practice.  We pride in our quest to constantly  provide  best practice solution to even the worst of scenarios. Our experience  shows an enviable track record, desired by our competitors and partners alike. We ensure the delivery of the best client-focused  solutions irrespective of how daunting it may be.  Find below our arrays of business service lines with the focus on delivering the best of satisfaction to our clients.

Financial Consultants

SageAlive Financial Consultants provides cutting-edge taxation and financial services from all continuum for small or large volume businesses while providing expert consultation and support ranging from:

1.  Personal Income Tax Returns Services

2.  Business Income Tax Returns Services

3.  Payroll Management Services

4.  Franchise Tax & Sales Tax Services

5.  Electronic Tax Management & Deposit Services

6.  Expert Tax & Payroll Analysis 

7.  Not for Profit Tax Designations such as 501c3.

Business Consultants
Media Consulting

SageAlive Media Consultants delivers the best of audio-visual production, cinematic movie production from location recording to post productions, promos, adverts, multimedia consultancy of all sorts, some of our customized services includes:

1.  Film Productions  

2.  Event Video Coverage and Post Productions | 

3.  Virtual Conference Hosting & Support

4.  Media Marketing and Distribution.

5.  Business Promos, Media Ads, Social Network Ads, & Footages.

6.  Media Branding and Product Advert Packaging

7.  Customized Media Consultancy - Just ask for a quote.

HealthCare Consultants

SageAlive Business Consultants is an hybrid business market agency responsible for creating technology driven solutions to key management and business challenges from small business clients to wide enterprise multi-scale organization:


1.  Structuring and Setting Up Business

2.  Management Consulting

3.  Procurement Services

4.  Infrastructure Design & Administration

5.  Training,  Development & Empowerment 

6.  Logos, Trademarks and Business Copyrights.

7.  Branding and Product Marketing Design.

SageAlive Healthcare Consultants makes available the best of healthcare services ranging from preventative and corrective health focusing on holistic strategies and complete wellness covering the whole life population from pediatric to geriatric services.:


1.  Preventative Health & Wellness Care.

2.  Holistic Health Care Services.

3.  Provider Care Services.

4.  Health Care Consulting and Screening Services.

5.  HealthCare Training,  Development & Empowerment 

6.  Healthcare Certification and Licensing.

7.  Home Health Service & Provider Care.

Clothes For Sale
Wears & Fabrics

SageAlive Wears and Fabrics is a clothing and textile line of service with specially crafted clothing line designed for specific clients, lines of exotic wears from Turkey and Dubai for all ages ranging from children wears to adult all season wears.:


1.  Office & Corporate Wears

2.  All Season Wears

3.  Male, Female & Children Wears.

4.  Wrist Watches, Shoes & Bags.

5.  Body Sprays, Perfumes and Colognes.

6.  Imported Lace Materials and Jalabia

7. Special Design and Branded Clothing Lines.

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